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zac anger

BTW, we (my company) officially opened and published the carousel we use (go to to see it in action). If you need a fairly unopinionated React carousel, check it out:

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in case you're wondering how i could possibly get my news,

i rarely (never) check that ycombinator news thing because it's a cesspool, but i also didn't check it this week

So I watched Made yesterday am I a VIP now

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aww look at how much fun he has when twice comes on! (his bias is momo)

also i think i've heard choerry's debut like 4 times today, and i'm okay with that

do they even have a fandom name yet? or a colour?

dreamcatcher just gets better and better. i wasn't sold on the change (i kinda liked minx?), the new EP took a bit to grow on me, but...