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zac anger

is it normal to have serious cramps/pain in the side of your right hand when learning a bowed instrument? or am i doing this wrong? working a bow seems to be using very different muscles in my hand than playing guitar, bass, drums, or piano

today seems to be a day of not being sure about how i feel about things, and also missing people i haven't talked to in half a decade

also apparently she and her boyfriend decided to drop in the middle of the hurricane. which, to me, sounds like 100% a bad idea. acid in a hurricane. ugh.

ugh. my closest friend, the only person who's been around for the past four years, is in pensacola and won't leave. i know that's not, like, a serious danger zone, but still. hurricanes are kind of a big deal sometimes? i'm worried.

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hidden bonus track is a random ass hhc surrounded remix

Here's a thing: an album of BT remixes, from 2013. I guess I'm gonna start slowly putting music online again.

so, i just bought the darksword trilogy in actual paperback form. and the shandril trilogy, because the first fantasy book i ever read was 'spellfire' which i stole from my uncle's booshelf when i was like 10

fun fact: my earliest electronic music was heavily inspired by the Darksword Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. seriously.

anyway here's a thing i did over 7 years ago, back when i still did things. i was very proud of it at the time, and i still kinda like it.

i guess saturdays are my nostalgia and hating google days

"i want the same ui, but with more animations, no keyboard controls, and also make sure you nest all the menus" -- no one, ever.

this seems to be a common google thing. AMP exists to make marketing people happy, but is shit for users. material ui exists to make designers happy, but is just annoying for users. dart exists... for some reason, still, apparently.