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zac anger

You, too, can produce music in 2017, with only these four things.

2017 VSTi set:
Steel drum/xylophone mix
Person whining with HPF & loads of reverb
808 again, I guess
Chicago house bass

Just published zeelib@4.0.0. Small breaking changes: removed four deprecated fns.

me: takes a shower, washes my hair, shaves, so they 7-11 clerk doesn't think I'm bummy when I buy my pall malls and cheap beer on a Saturday morning

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skelloween reminder Show more

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AIM shutting down has made me realize that I'm older than the age I pretended to be in AOL chatrooms. Well... damn.

omg the FAQs we used to put together and pass around

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When we would welcome new users one by one to tell them how to use the site so they wouldn't leave. When we maintained the #welcome tag with tips for new users #mastodonmemories

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When people just kept making like a zillion separately hosted guides to using Mastodon #mastodonmemories

how i actually first got on here because i was at an incredibly boring conference my CEO sent all of us on, and i needed something to do that wasn't birbsite

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