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zac anger

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it's a good day to lay in a hammock, listen to fun music, and study something interesting. here's the music:

note to self: nyquil plus red bull does not work out to be the same thing as dayquil

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so i'm watching a talk where the examples are in scala and i'm just really confused by how awkward it looks. it's like it doesn't know if it wants to be functional or imperative, so it picked the ugly bits of both.

i'm laying in a hammock on my porch, writing code and enjoying the breeze. i've made a lot of bad choices, but going into software development wasn't one of them. feeling very content right now.

sunday night deploys this is fun

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Haha today is the 9 year anniversary of loss.jpg

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someone actually came to my apartment and brought me soup 😿 no one has ever done that before

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