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zac anger

today's wikipedia hole started at taejo (the joseon one) and ended at "relief of general douglas macarthur"

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I somehow ended up in a country bar on karaoke night. I don't know why. Someone made a bad decision at some point.

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Some Mastonights are definitily weirder than others

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Made a couple tweaks to colors and which syntax groups get what color.

I lightened up the teal, the pink and the yellow, but I'm still not sure if the shade of the pink (FCDBD9) is quite right... (Maybe I should grab some blues from Mastodon's frontend)

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imagine being named christopher and deciding that a good nickname would be "biz"

people who make good khh or kindie playlists: please stop sticking the occasional random white people music in there. everyone knows white people don't know how to make music.

i wonder if pointfree shitposting is a thing

one day i hope to be smart enough to do type-level shitposting

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*an elephant-thing bellows in the distance, its cacapohonic tootruption quickly joined by similar blorts from nearby federated tootlands*

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Please remember that Mastodon supports account deletions. You don't have to e-mail me about it, just click on the gear symbol, then Security, and there you have it. I like receiving e-mails and get excited when I get a notification, seeing a "please delete my account" spoils the mood.