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i'm thinking about switching to a lighter WM. i've been using xfce with xfwm for about five years now, and it's fine, but i mostly like it because i can get rid of everything, bind keys to wmctrl scripts, and because of the verve plugin (think xdg-open + dmenu).

any recommendations for something less featureful? i'd prefer sort of hybrid stacking/tiling, or stacking but with an easy way to snap windows to parts of the screen and move them across screens. is xmonad the best bet?

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on birdsite 1 or 2 years ago i had a period where i just droned on and on about how much i hated drones, how if i see a drone, i will destroy it etc. and i havent changed my opinion.!!!! if i see some rich kid land a quadcopter next to me, im stomping on it!!!!!!!! fuck drones. destroy every drone you see. its not just property-destruction-as-protest, we also gotta normalise the idea that drones should be attacked as a fun passtime. its either that or theyre takin over

every single song on My Voice still gives me chills

this is the first time i've had slack closed for this long in over two years. it's amazing.

friends friends friends, seriously, if you have a way to just shut off slack (or hipchat or IRC or whatever your company uses) for a couple of days, DO IT. i took PTO and i've had slack closed for two days, and i feel so much less stressed.

nothing ruins a day off quite like door-to-door mormons

got a voicemail from a scammer telling me my windows certificate has expired and i need to call them back to avoid "data corruption or firewall breach."

i guess advent of code is here. i've never actually done it but i think i'll try this year.

i think i'll just use up the pods that came with it and throw it out.

it actually is kinda cute, and seems like it might be an easy transition if you don't want to learn anything about vaping. i bought one online a couple months ago and accidentally had it shipped to the wrong address, so i just got it now. and now, i've been vaping for over a month, so it just seems like a weird little toy.

i like not being at work, and i like not having slack open even more

i took PTO today and tomorrow! going to try to get through all of opsschool (so far it's all review but i expect to find interesting things later on)

i complained about yaml for a minute in slack at work and everyone agreed that it's awful, including a guy who used to work at saltstack who works here now, and their whole thing is yaml isn't it?

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