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this is what i'm doing this afternoon:
fork of st with several nice patches applied

here's a useful thing:

alias makelist="make -rpn | sed -n -e '/^$/ { n ; /^[^ .#][^ ]*:/p ; }' | egrep --color '^[^ ]*:'"

i've been working on the thing again today

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i didnt choose the sysadmin life

i just bought a vps thinking, "this cant be that hard, its just software, i know how to use software"


you dodnt know how to use software

also, yes, i ended up going with manjaro instead of straight arch on this laptop. not for any good reason, just wanted to try it.

so i've had the system76 galago pro for almost a week now, and i think i have everything set up well. this isn't /r/unixporn quality, but it's simple and functional. i REALLY like this little laptop.

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Please reactivate Facebook thought-to-text input to maintain your free account

Thank you!

To log in, think about the refreshing taste of Coca Cola.

I'm sorry, that thought was off-brand. Please try again!

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you know when you cut your nails too short and everything you do with your hand(s) hurts like a bitch, yeah i did that again today (just for my left hand) what the fuck

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so i got this thing a couple days ago. i don't know what i'm supposed to do with a laptop this nice.

what's everyone's fav CI/CD service? my company is on teamcity and circle right now, but nobody likes teamcity and we're not totally sold on circle. i'm mostly looking for A. configuration is under version control, B. plays well with all sorts of projects (.NET core, docker, node, python), and C. has an enterprise (in our VPC) offering.

it also compiled on debian without having to install anything extra, which might mean i have way too much installed on this one laptop

oh ALSO the program stops running when all its windows are closed on a mac, which is amazing.

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