i’m giving up on my 20s ... i’m just going to glow up in my 30s instead

finding myself in the new school cafeteria again :welp:

i made three attempts in the past 24 hours to write a toot about how i want to find a cool instance to join

feeling really down about school at the moment like nothing i'm doing for homework matters

does that mean that messages from this website could appear on other websites w/o myself opting in?

I just saw someone on the timeline who has a profile on another website (also using gnu social)

wait ok, I'm confused about how this website works

if you add mastodon to your home screen on iOS, it doesn't set a cookie for your log in and logs you out each time you leave the "app"

staying late at work BUT I'm allowed to expense delivery AND I'm seeing the boy tonight (A+ Wednesday)

good thing I redesigned my website so that my social links don't use logos because what are mastodon's branding specs

should dedicate this feed to being gay as hell


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