the csswg said if this toot gets 5000 boosts we can have container queries

@zachleat @teleclimber at 2 boosts per hour should take like 3 years? Seems rather realistic estimate…

@zachleat zach I boosted but I know they’re lying. We’ll never get them 😔

@zachleat my mum warned me about hanging out with people like you

@zachleat RTs on twitter are the doggy years version of boosts on here

@ben I understood this but I honestly have no idea how

@zachleat I'm trying to convince Greg Whitworth to join today, and I'm pretty sure he will dispute this.

@nolan wait do toots have to be true

sorry I thought mastodon was different from twitter

@zachleat Facebook is where we lie to our friends, Twitter is where we tell the truth to strangers.

And Mastodon is where we tell the truth to strangers and then they become our friends. 😁

@zachleat I'm seeing 4, but I suppose there are probably more? Are federated networks eventually consistent? because that seems important in this case.

@zachleat @teleclimber go go go, at current rate of 4 boosts per day it would be another 35 years before it gets going

@simps @zachleat @teleclimber And another 10 years until vendors implement it properly sans prefixes

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