A new thought that could have only happened after a conversation with my three year old:

Every single person you meet is carrying around poop inside their body.

@zachleat I'm going to try to recall this the next time I'm nervous about speaking

@zachleat I may have to disagree, because following 3 days taking a certain prescribed sachet earlier this week, I’m pretty sure by Wednesday there was not a trace...

@zachleat I apologise for my earlier toot. It was early hours, baby wouldn’t sleep, and I decided to tell a stranger on social media about the condition of my bowel 🤦🏻‍♂️

@meredevelopment haha as a parent I understand. As a programmer I want to know any counterexamples to my theory

@zachleat @meredevelopment wish there was a way for me to not know this now I’ve seen it

@ben @meredevelopment you can't put the metaphorical toothpaste back in the tube now

@zachleat @ben @meredevelopment it’s given the “you’re full of shit” retort some actual meaning.

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