Google Wants To Kill The URL

Read the article on WIRED at google​.com/amp/s/www.​wired​.com/story/google-wants-to-kill-the-url/

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@zachleat I feel like you’re making some sort of point... if only I could work out... nope

@meredevelopment the link is an amp url which some would argue is a dilution of the power of the url

also the link isn't clickable which is just icing on the cake

@zachleat @meredevelopment I found a bizarre and slightly unbelievable BBC news article yesterday then when I sent it to somebody the AMP (and I know what AMP URLs look like) the tiny bit of the url I could see in my mobile browser looked like some kind of phishing scam, ugh, so I deleted it (also thinking “hmm obviously it wasn’t real, then”). Then I found the canonical URL and realised the article was actually real but it was all oh so very poop

@ben @meredevelopment URLs on mobile are a security nightmare. Sometimes the URL bar isn’t even accessible at all 😱

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