@zachleat I presume that's to stop you sharing it with extended family and friends that don't live with you?

@juanfernandes yeah exactly. It let me type my ZIP Code and opt-out of the GPS thing, though.

@zachleat products and brands expect so much trust from us on a daily basis. It’s appalling. There’s no way I’d trust my family with my Spotify account.

@ben suddenly very curious if your spotify activity is public

@zachleat due to my son’s bedtime playlist I hope not.

@zachleat Ah yes, a few weeks ago I noticed they mentioned something like this while I was going through my account details on the Spotify site. I guess my brother in law doesn't count as family anymore.

@zachleat smae over here. I had this about a year ago for all of us in the family. And they closed down the accounts for my kids, as they did not know what to do with this message. Sucks. Had a longer covnersation with them.

@marcthiele oh wow, yeah I bet. My kid is not quite old enough for a Spotify account but privacy discussions are going to be in our future for sure

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