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The Koenig Steam Powered Printing Press (1814) has the same throughput as a modern day $130 HP Inkjet printer using only Black & White (2018):

18 impressions per minute versus 18 pages per minute.


🚨 New Eleventy 🕚 v0.5.4:

⚡ `permalink: false` to skip writing the file to the output dir
⚡ Better error messaging (especially with configuration file errors)
⚡ Plugin improvements
⚡ Bug fixes

Release notes:


I owe my career to an endless parade of total strangers who took time out to teach me stuff and help me out, either indirectly or one on one in forums and chat rooms. I can't ever pay them back, so I do my best to pay it forward.

Just finished Mat Marquis’s @wilto introduction to Image Performance. He makes a strong, clear and compelling case that page load speed—and improving image performance—is an equity and fairness issue that no web developer should ignore.

Google Wants To Kill The URL

Read the article on WIRED at google​.com/amp/s/www.​wired​.com/story/google-wants-to-kill-the-url/

free idea: a lightning talk about actual lightning

A new thought that could have only happened after a conversation with my three year old:

Every single person you meet is carrying around poop inside their body.

A run-time dependency on JavaScript to inject critical-rendering-path CSS-in-JS styles is a full-stop non-negotiable blocker.

If your CSS-in-JS lib doesn’t do that by default, we’re good y’all.

Took me way too long to realize that using `await` in a loop is probably not a good thing.

Found some of the most confounding web font usage after someone pointing me to (maybe a Casey Neistat thing, from the looks of it)

276 @font-face blocks declared in CSS.

Another 276 @font-face blocks stored in inline JS on the page (is this CSS-in-JS?)

10 Open Slack
20 Slack goes down
30 Open Twitter
40 Twitter goes down
50 Open Mastodon instance
60 Mastodon instance goes down
70 GOTO 10

codepen is a playground

it doesn’t need codepen hall monitors

I’ve been thinking about how `font-display` is a great first step to better font loading—but we can take it further! Each web font file can cause its own reflow—let’s reduce the amount of movement during page load.

The Problem with font-display and Reflow

Since some people are talking about the “death of the URL” … again … it felt like the right time to re-post something I wrote 2 years ag on the topic including a link to research that seems to indicate people DO know what URLs are.

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