Anyone else think a decentralized banner/link exchange standard is a good idea?

If you want to encourage your visitors to also visit somebody else's site, you should be able to do that by copying a single URL they provide. No third party needed.

That URL would point to a JSON document or something with the info you need to show link banners of various sizes. It could also list other sites you might want to support.

We could replace ads with a free and easy way to support each other.

@jamey @erosdiscordia wait a second. are we reinventing webrings?! because i’m in

@alana @jamey
+1. I've thought about this for non-profit/social good purposes, but I like it for independents too. Would be happy to help explore this, even if just as a sounding board.

@zaclittleberry Yeah, I'm coming at it from the perspective of webcomic creators since I've been running a centralized banner exchange for that community for a few years now, but I think lots of indie creators and social good orgs could use help with cross-promotion.

I think the first step is a WordPress plugin, probably, as proof of concept. That should be "simple" but unfortunately I'm not nearly comfortable enough with the WordPress plugin API...

@jamey Cool! I definitely think it should be open source and support smaller instances that are topic focused. That way different communities could run and join what makes sense for them. My immediate thought is that it could run off of ActivityPub (small independent instance subscription) or maybe something with .well-known directory (that feels very manual, and like a discovery mechanism. so, not sure). A WP plugin to make it easy is great, but I also think the arch. is first. @alana thoughts?

@jamey @alana also, just to be clear, I say I think the architecture is first because I think this is something that could be wide reaching. And if it follows an agnostic (vs wp specific) underlying structure, I think a lot more people would be able to jump in and help integrate it for different platforms, including those to integrate with WordPress (like what happened with ActivityPub). Also, I can make due in WordPress, but am not an expert either :P


@alana is it Asitha? I feel like Asitha would agree that I should not write the WP code :P

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