Three quarters of the way through removing the old caulk from one window. This is not as easy or satisfying as I thought it would be. I wonder if heating this with a blowtorch would make things better... Hmm. I probably oughtta not

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@zaclittleberry It will make things easier yes, but I'd use a heat gun rather than a blow torch. Melting and blistering surrounding paint will be the largest problem.

@GoatsLive good to know. it's against glass block and vinyl siding. Unfortunately I don't have a heat gun. The glass block would probably be fine with a torch, but I don't trust the vinyl not to melt.

@zaclittleberry Yup, vinyl would not be happy with the heat. Glass block would take it all day though. My siding is also vinyl, and I do like the fact that making everything pretty again just takes an hour with my pressure washer!

@GoatsLive whew, just finished the last side! Now to double check the directions and recaulk before food gets as cold as my hands are.

Haha. Yeah. We borrowed my father in laws pressure washer and it really cleaned things up! Well, up to about six feet high. I'll have to get further up next year. Lol

All finished caulking. It's not "the best" caulking there ever was, but it should definitely be a more effective sealant than there was before.

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