I'm looking for an instance to set up a social account for Not sure if there's one that it'd fit well with, or if I should stick to one of the big general instances, or run my own?

@YinzPittsburghers , @PixxburghGirl , thoughts?

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@zaclittleberry @PixxburghGirl That's really interesting.

I'm not the most knowledgeable about the availability or what instances would welcome it, but I'll give you a boost here and maybe the #fediverse will help out.

@YinzPittsburghers @PixxburghGirl No problem. I really appreciate the boost. Sorry for the random tagging. Figured fellow Pittsburgh/Progressive people might give a good shot at finding an instance that would be a good fit.

@YinzPittsburghers @zaclittleberry I boosted, it too.

I followed the admin of this site over here from birdsite almost a year ago, but I can't say I'm very deep in knowledge about different instances.

I did share that site to another social media account, though. It looks like a nice idea. :pgh:

@PixxburghGirl @YinzPittsburghers Cool. I appreciate any boost it can get. Also looking into as an easy way to host a fedi account myself.

If you have/get any questions about pittsburghhousing me know. It's open source, I'm local, and it's underlying software is built locals in other counties can run their own instances (just like mastodon).

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