List of European "Sleeping Heroes" legends maintained by some retired Phd.

Remember when the internet was chalk full of sites like this. I love them.


Wow, that was just one page of entire collection of articles listing all different kinds of folks tales categorized under different themes.

Last revised January 17, so he's still hand crafting this beast.

On a totally geeky note. Look at the source code.

Hand crafted HTML. Beautiful. Just beautiful. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:


@lordbowlich that's because the bucket Pitt gives you is static only. I know because I used to have one :P and they gave an extremely small storage space that if you were using for a digital media class website you had to ask for it to be increased several times for it to be useful.

There is something very nostalgic about a static webserver bucket and some ftp credentials. Not sure if Pitt is still offering that to students by default or not.

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