I love how when you're installing a Python package with Pip, it shows a textual wheel as it builds. That's so cute to me; I love those kinds of simple things. Not full text graphics, but it's something that even I, with my limited understanding of print symbols, can grasp. :)


But wait, if the slash goes one direction, the dash is the bottom of the circle, and the backslash goes toe other direction, then... what's the vertical bar for?


@devinprater I haven't used pip in a while, but I think the symbols are supposed to be like a line spinning around it's center point so it 'creates' a circle in the space it covers as it 'spins'. I think the animation would be like if you lay a pencil on a desk and spin it, but just take snapshots of the position for each one eighth rotation. Let me know if I didn't explain that very well.

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