Oh my gosh I'm trying to manage two Github accounts on one computer (Arch Linux), with two separate SSH keys and ugh I just... How do people do this?


@devinprater Can you use an ssh config file to do mappings? I know I've mapped ssh keys based on the website it's going to, but that's been with completely different sites. I can't remember if github username is in the git remote path and if that's something you can use in your ssh config to determine your key.

Or, will github allow you to add one of those keys to the "other" github profile, so one profile can be pushed to with either key, and then one of those keys can push to either profile?

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@zaclittleberry Haha I tried the second thing yesterday and nope, can't use the same key for both accounts. So yeah, mapped them with SSH config but yeah now Magit is complaining but I can just use shell to git add . or git add * whichever works and then git commit -m "need a freaking vacation" and then git push and authenticate and yeah that works but just have gotten so used to magit.

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