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Had the idea to style my logo's alt text so if the img didn't load, the text would actually be a near replacement for my img. Mainly just setting font-size, color, on the img tag, and then also applying some adjustment with the :first-letter css pseudo selector. I feel like I could go more into this and it would be cool for other img tags too.

@cypnk There's a static site generator that would probably object to that :P

@YinzPittsburghers @PixxburghGirl No problem. I really appreciate the boost. Sorry for the random tagging. Figured fellow Pittsburgh/Progressive people might give a good shot at finding an instance that would be a good fit.

@marcozehe no problem! glad me expanding the search parameters instead of narrowing them wasn't bothersome. haha

I'm looking for an instance to set up a social account for Not sure if there's one that it'd fit well with, or if I should stick to one of the big general instances, or run my own?

@YinzPittsburghers , @PixxburghGirl , thoughts?

@marcozehe not strictly within the bounds you specified: a friend recently mentioned as an alternative to zapier. Looks interesting, but I haven't used it myself yet.

@craigmaloney @sohkamyung @rd maybe a little slow to load, but works for me, east coast USA (pa). Maybe some outages? But I also might be late to this thread. Looks like all their podcasts still prominently display RSS links too, so I don't think purposefully removing them. Tho I do have to write to them to complain about putting the full versions of their HIBT interviews on FB.

Because none of those linked:


I try and do things as open source and privacy respecting as I can. I believe in taking nuanced approaches and setting a goal line and figuring out how to make progress towards that goal line. And I'm pretty open to talking about most things, so if you have a question, feel free to ask!

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Been a while since I did an , so here it goes:

Hi, I'm Zac. I'm a problem solver who crafts mostly (but not entirely) in code. I do product/project/software/consulting work through my llc, Gaze.Dev. I also work on housing data and tools locally as, which are generally meant to be whitelabeled and instance-ized(?) as a part of

@platypus was very confused why someone would be polling a federal database for licensing hunks of meat. Took a few seconds for context to kick in 😂

Plenty of snow falling in Pittsburgh which means the sound of spinning tires and watching cars attempt (and fail) to get up the hill I live on.

@Dashtop idk. it's been months at this point and since I don't want to upload photos from my phone to my computer to share them, I'm probably just going to delete my pixelfed account. Nothing against dansup, pixelfed is overall impressive; it just fails to deliver for me every time I go to the webpage on my phone and attempt to tap new post only to realize it's a dead link. I thought maybe I'd been shadow banned? but I hardly post and nothing objectionable as far as I can tell.

@pixelfed it doesn't work on mobile anymore though. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. The "New Post" link doesn't work after clicking the compose button.

Just discovered HyperDot...and wow! This game has such a cool story!! Here’s an awesome post from on it.

@cypnk My wife had this (hasn't happened to her in a while). When she was young and didn't understand what it was she thought there were gunshots going off.

@eloisa idk. I've been trying to use the web app from my phone and find myself unable to create a new post (though I can create stories or collections from my phone). I'm about ready to give up on the platform as a whole and delete my account. :(

Would love to hear if you find something else that works. I think I have fedilab installed and I can see if that connects.


@thegibson Hah. Yeah. Fetterman was the mayor the neighborhood over from where I grew up, before he became Lt. Gov. He's a no-nonsense guy. Also, Toomey is the worst.






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