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Zak Storer ๐ŸŽก

We time travel write. She knew George Gershwin and Gertrude Stein. She loves Monique Haas as much as I do, as well as Edith Piaf.

Why is it that I miss my girlfriend from the early 1900s sometimes? She plays the most beautiful cello. I love her quite dearly. A sophisticated lady. I'm learning how to write proper 1800s cursive so that I can express my love to her. She also loves rain city umbrellas. I travel back in time when I listen to her play her cello. She loves ice skating, and I write to her about my skateboards. She's a rain city kind of girl from high school, and I quite miss her. Sorry, listening to her on Bach.

Cecil Taylor reached a higher level of linguistics on the piano. He really communicated great energy and knowledge.

Ok, almost 1/3 of the way through this Algebra I book (without skipping any odd problem sets).

I'm making progress with some of my big life goals.

I got through some English verb tense drills as well today.

Time to get into some reed-kellogg English sentence diagramming. Next semester might be a Chomsky style of diagramming.

Plato's Cratylus is pretty awesome. It might end up being one of my favorite dialogues. It explore the philosophy of language and what gives words meaning.

I'm back to Hansen and Quinn for my Greek textbook.

I'm pondering revisiting org-mode for managing research essays.

J.S. Bach is really christmas music too, but it's played during halloween.

I can't wait until autumn so that I can listen to vivaldi's four seasons.

I wonder if there was an implicit effect that we tend to not focus on, of that the Christian Bible (New Testament) was originally conveyed orally, rather than in a textual form. A society (in this case, the budding Christian society) without a text might be more concerned with the consideration and remembrance of significant things rather than insignificant things, and accordingly more willing to extend charity, mercy, and such in insignificant cases, for to remember would be of negative profit.

@bthall I think that my A->B metaphor is totally overly simplistic and misleading. Anyway, I'll try to unfuzzify my thinking a bit.