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Zak Storer 🎑

Bonsoir. Would anyone be willing to practice with me? I'm just getting started with it again. I'm mean _very_ basic french for at least a month, but I learn quickly.

@bthall @kai Yes! That’s called metaprogramming. And, without going into too much detail, you’re programming the language itself, meaning you get to change it to create more and more complex abstractions that allow you to do more complex things without the mental power and verbosity needed otherwise.

Until I get some new eye glasses, I have switched my font from Terminus 8px to Monospace 15px. πŸ˜‰

If interested, check back in a couple of weeks or so for updates. <--- An in-progress post of my thoughts on the structure of the college and university system.

@arturovm how long until @bthall get obsessed with lisp/scheme/clojure?

Oh he is also teaching linguistics too. Cool.

Apparently Chomsky is teaching politics and not linguistics.

What does Noam Chomsky actually teach these days? Is it linguistics?

This Oxford Modern English Grammar is such a great book. I know that I'm going to enjoy reading through this.

I'm focusing lately on +/- space. I feel that negative space is so vitally important to consider when forming study habits. I am in a culture that values multitasking and more is better, but when I clear the clutter in my mind and just focus on the essential, it frees me up for complex improvisational studies, similar to the complex interactions of bird flock algorithms (a few simple rules to create a complex set of structured actions). Something like that. πŸ˜ƒ

"Why does our current college and university system promote such a strict division of disciplines? Why is STEM a thing, and why does it seem to have the feeling of being a more serious degree than something non-STEM, such as the Humanities? Why do we have to major in something? What is the purpose of GPA? These are serious questions that I have been asking myself while in college. I mean I am seriously asking these questions." <-- in-progress blog post of mine.

seems pretty nifty. I think I will look into this.

What is a good academic ? Something that people can collaborate on but lightweight as well.

I heavily relate to Harry and Bess Houdini.