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Zak Storer 🎑

I'm about to read the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels.

@zacts One of my classes today touched on the diff between positive and normative econ. After you mentioned the other day that it should be studied more, it stood out to me, and man is this a weird blindspot in .

Quote for the day: "It's impossible for a man to learn what he think he already knows." - Epictetus.

I've been reading a textbook for a class the Philosopher's Way, which mentioned Aristophanes and Socrates. I made a reference to Aristophanes, and it made my entire essay, due to it being so short, sound like a satire. Also I've been tinkering with a new technique of free modifiers, which also didn't help.

I just had an embarrassing moment where I had an essay prompt of 500 words for a complex question: What is philosophy, and what does it mean to be a philosopher. I accidentally wrote in a tone that I didn't intend. I totally had a different perspective when writing it, than the way it sounded. I think that I accidentally offended some people. It was kind of embarrassing. I need to really improve my writing skills for this kind of thing.

Old English inflections seem kind of cool.

@bthall Apparently there are plenty of scholars who disagree with the author of this article.

I'm on one mastodon instance. Is there a way to follow another without joining? <--- I'm sorry but censoring 'climate change' from the homepage by the Trump administration is fucking ridiculous.

@alpacaherder Congress did not meet the deadline. Most of the federal workforce is now sidelined.
@bthall With two big flaws: (1) fake news is whatever disagrees with (the media supporting) their chosen POV; (2) #fake_news is any news not sourced from and endorsed by giant centralized corporate media. So FN just becomes a synomym for "I disagree with this organization's slant on the news" instead of a measure of (lack of) factuality and trustworthiness.

I'm about to attempt to switch from GUI email to neomutt, and then after I get used to that I may try notmuch.

Bonsoir. Would anyone be willing to practice with me? I'm just getting started with it again. I'm mean _very_ basic french for at least a month, but I learn quickly.

@bthall @kai Yes! That’s called metaprogramming. And, without going into too much detail, you’re programming the language itself, meaning you get to change it to create more and more complex abstractions that allow you to do more complex things without the mental power and verbosity needed otherwise.