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Zak Storer ๐ŸŽก <-- A composition of mine. It really starts two minutes in. Inspired heavily by Debussy and Coltrane. <-- I'm still working on this symphony I'm composing. I want to add some strings parts soon, and full melodies. This clip is from a few years ago.

@kai <-- This piece is licensed under this creative commons license. You can just attribute it as @zacts and that is fine.

I have a simple improvised style I guess. Each piece is totally different however, except that I like hats.

@amylsacks Your collage art kind of reminds me of how I'm doing it. Although, I like how you approach it with non-euclidean geometries it looks like. Your art reminds me of this MIT Press book:

Salvador Dali melting clock earrings.

Another improvised ricepaper-style sketch from about a month ago.

Here is an improvised sketch I did about a month ago.

@kai A quick improvised ricepaper-style sketch.

I love Impressionism and Modernism. I'm so into it right now. I have this idea to sketch a cubist rendition of pizza for @kai. I'm going to try. ๐Ÿ•

Cool. So I'm going to host a new blog on GitLab rather than GitHub.

Interested in FreeDOS? Then check out this introduction from one of its maintainers

A collection of things I made for people new to #Mastodon, based on questions I commonly see in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

Privacy settings:

Local vs. federated timelines:

A two-way ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฆ @crossposter:

How to find and interact with toots that haven't reached your instance yet:

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#FAQ #FAQs #mastopedia #tootorial #meta

I can ramble on and on, especially while sitting here looking out a lazy window, drinking some hot tea.

>> I'm a recursive <<comment
> Oh, thank<<than>>k<goodness! I thought you were just a student of vim.

nah. :-). I like pizza too. It's ok cphuntington97. Just eat some pizza and move on.

For example, the Pell grant doesn't want to allow English majors to take too many Mathematics classes. <--- this is scary in my opinion.

I have nothing against college majors, but it just seems a bit limiting when you have to so rigidly conform to a stereotyped system of courses that match what a major requires, even to the point of college funding.