@zacts I don't fit that culture. I haven't seen most of the TV shows and movies, nor have I read many comic books.

@lnxw48a1 Note: It's not necessarily that I feel that this is a culture, but I've noticed this kind of idea at my college. My posts were also a bit stream of consciousness this evening. Like I don't label those things in that way, but I feel others do, and then try to hold you to this. Social interactions...

@lnxw48a1 I'm not able to clearly form my ideas in writing, so I'm sounding like not what I'm trying to convey.

@zacts Understood. I took my son to a movie some years ago theater to see a big #Dr_Who show. While we were there, several other attendees (in costume, of course) were debating (basically arguing, but without anger or namecalling) some trivial Dr Who minutiae. I had seen only the "Weeping Angels" episode. #sonTwo had seen several, but noted how off-putting this aspect of nerd culture can be.
@lnxw48a1 You weren' on boingboing today, were you? Been a great thread on The Orville vs Star Trek: Discovery today.
@tekk First comment I see:

> I’ve studied mycology and have even taken courses with the real paul stamets. [ . . . ]

Nice. Although I think it's valid to criticize the spore drive for having nothing to do with actual shrooms other than the "spore" word without referring to mycological authority. :-D

That reminds me I still didn't watch the "stoned ape hypothesis" interview with Stamets that I stumbled upon yesterday.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8AXSBvSkCQ does not disappoint.


And mother Gaia wants us to take psychedelics ("plant teachers") to realize our place in the biosphere and in the cosmos.

> if they wake up some giant space spider by jiggling the mycelia web then i’ll laugh. we don’t see this tech because they all get eaten, the end. :slight_smile:

I 100% agree with this comment. There is nothing cataclysmic about the spore drive so far, people get worn out, possibly irreversibly, but there's no reason one of the civilizations wouldn't take this and rule the galaxy within a century. Something has to happen within the series, a big reset button that makes the technology a no-go for everyone -- Cardassians, Borg, Klingon ...

Maybe they make a wrong turn and just disintegrate the whole network for millennia to come.
> No self respecting critic could love Discovery. [ . . . ] That’s just math, folks.

I'm stealing this method of argumentation.
@clacke @tekk I haven't been able to watch any of Discovery as I can't successfully pay for it.  It'll disappear in "it was all a dream".
@tekk I missed it. Boing Boing is not part of my normal daily or weekly circuit.
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