@zadr Anyway, A Star Is Born is phenomenal. Well worth seeing in theaters (or at home— if you have a sound system that can do the soundtrack and Lady GaGa justice)

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went to see a movie. first time i’ve ever seen someone kicked out of the theater for A. being drunk; and B. talking enough to disrupt the movie

anyone still miss AIM? having a buddy list that shows availability / online status was nice

iMessage doing away with that implicitly pushes everyone to always be available, and not everyone wants to talk all the time

okay but hear me out here: air conditioners are amazing, even in san francisco

does macOS do the thing where it throttles cpu speed if yr battery is low? if so, can i disable it? it’s frustrating to have my ‘17 Retina MacBook Pro perform worse than my ‘15 MacBook

on one of the new Muni trains for the first time! an N outbound

now that cars have all sorts of fancy cameras, are there any cars that can spot a parking space for you while driving around slowly?

periodic that a complex system isn’t the same thing as a complicated system

most things (including-but-not-limited-to computers and programming in large or unknown codebases!) are complex in that they have a lot of pieces but few things are complicated in that they’re actually hard to understand if you can break the pieces down

Slack status set, email autoresponder is on. time for a long vacation!

Wanna call the swipey header list interaction in Tootdon out for being really nice and exactly what i’ve wanted from a twitter app for years

(may have to tap through bc the screenshot doesn’t work well when centered)

built a gaming computer a few weeks ago, and, it’s… not bad? mostly launches to Steam or Battle.net, so Windows can’t get in the way too much.

Okay, my new Mastodon instance is live! Since @Mus made oulipo.social where you can't post the letter 'e', I am proud to announce:


A Mastodon instance where you can only say the letter "e". Follow me there! I'm @e


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Make your own glitchy images w/ audacity!

- Save to an uncompressed format (.bmp works great!)
- import into audacity as Raw Input w/ Encoding: U-Law and Byte Order; Big Endian
- Play with effects on all but the first quarter second or so (to avoid messing up headers)
- export to format "Other uncompressed files" and click options, set Header to RAW and encoding to U-Law. If you have issues, rename from .raw to .bmp!

Example image:


birdsite subawooing 

me: "does this low level cpu architecture thing work like this other thing?"
to me: "nope"
me: "cool, thanks" (via fav)


someone else, to me: "how could anyone think that this low level thing works like that other thing?"

can people, like, just, not do that? implying people [mutual non-follows] are stupid for asking questions they know the answer to, i mean.

it's surprisingly hard to come up with new ways to explain how this place isn't the same as the bird's nest, and that it's okay for things to be different.

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