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something i did for valentine's this year. sort of a years later follow up to Eden's engagement fic ( so it probably doesn't really make sense to anyone who hasn't read it lmao.
Komui gives either incredible or awful gifts. There is no in between, though in his own mind, they're all amazing.

I dont understand the local/federated timeline thing and im kinda worried i might spam it

I do understand that the official state I am born in is Turkey. I am not goign to deny that but I do like to have my kurdish identity acknowledged

"why dont you just call yourself a turk ?" I am not. I do not have the citizenship anymore, I am not ethnically turkish, i do not support the turkish government ( which btw is responsible for the trauma mx parents experienced) so no, I am not and i feel like i have the right to distance myself from that identity

honestly: i want to get more involved in leftist groups in uni but finding the right ppl to get into them or finding the right one is a bit difficult ;;

@amphetamine I think so too! alot of ppl on mastodon seem to be quite interested in politics

idk how many times I need to explain the turkish-kurdish conflict/relation to germans who have ZERO KNOWLEDGE on the topic and its a bit sad

Talking about my own Kurdish experience in Germany is weird because the only people interested in talking/ listening are wither 1)Germans who are surprised i don't call myself a turk and 2) turks who want to convince me of their fascist views

@D3 yes! the first one is based on kurdish traditional clothes; the second pic is just my interpretation on a kurdish tail

man i wish i wasnt that honest with the german guy about my political opinion bc but i really... couldnt repeat Turkish nationalistic narrative just to please him

there is this kurdish singer out there whose openly gay; but hes in berlin!! thats tooooo far away ...... it would be a perfect opportunity to meet ppl :;;;

god i really want to meet more gay kurdish ppl......... i really really really want to meet some ;_ ;;;

I mean things have changed so maybe i wouldve gotten an education but .... its still dangerous. its still systematically underdeveloped to cut off ressources in that region

idk what kind of person i wouldve become if my parents stayed in bakur. I would probably be married and have a kid at this point .. who knows whether i wouldve attended a school ... i really dont know

It just feels weird and i feel like i can not let go of it until I get to know my roots and go back to bakur......

maybe it doesnt seem as important to them because their ethinity, their roots are everywhere. they are surrounded by their own culture and people

I've been thinking alot about my kurdishness and how important it is to me. I guess in a way it defines me which is .... weird to accept bc im surrounded by people whose ethnicity is not as important for them

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