note to myself is to use mastodon more

is there an easy way to find artists on here?

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something i did for valentine's this year. sort of a years later follow up to Eden's engagement fic ( so it probably doesn't really make sense to anyone who hasn't read it lmao.
Komui gives either incredible or awful gifts. There is no in between, though in his own mind, they're all amazing.

I dont understand the local/federated timeline thing and im kinda worried i might spam it

@amphetamine I think so too! alot of ppl on mastodon seem to be quite interested in politics

@D3 yes! the first one is based on kurdish traditional clothes; the second pic is just my interpretation on a kurdish tail

eating disorder ( i guess) 

@bolligner also wow you followed me on here in februry dklhddkjfhf i shouldve checked my acc on here earlier

eating disorder ( i guess) 

ok hello im goign to attempt and use this website more

woah i want to follow a bunch of people who are kind of following mid east politics but also into games/visual novel and this is a very weird combi

man the mastodon community sems rather small or maybe its bc non e of my mutuals from other social media sites are not on here

welp i guess its chance for a new start somewhere else

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I guess its time for my ! I'm Zana, bi, 20 and part of the diaspora in Germany :) I'm very interested in Kurdish politics, eager to learn more and trying to get better at ! I have also recently started to draw more kurdish woman and tails.. let's see where this journey takes me ^^

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