For me, is more of an idea/ideal, than a tool. A Social network of one's/our own

@mahabali I think you've named something important for me. But it's incomplete on its own. It's a more open backchannel, if that makes sense. I still turn to Twitter to hear from the more complex world, engage with not-overlapping circles, expect surprise.

How does relate to G+, FB or Slack? Or ? Or something that we haven't had yet?

The gloomy look must mean something to someone.

@katebowles @Tdorey
I think the federation potential (like with ) is enormous. so for example if we wanted to do research ABOUT Mastodon, we could potentially self-host an instance of Mastodon and converse there, but how would that be different from, say, Slack? (It could be private if you don't publicize it).

@mahabali @Tdorey I think if private, then Slack already does that. But if public, then that would be different. The thing is a sense of what it's good for doing. My hunch: better than Twitter for deeper talking. Like Twitter group DM, but structurally open. @sundilu

@katebowles @Tdorey @mahabali @sundilu sorry for chiming in! the power of a tool lies in the intention of the user, right? Once people have a real idea of what to do with then it's all about the possibility the platform offer for reinterpretation. Being open sourced maybe we soon will see specialized spin offs for specific topics: edu, design, dev...

@xLontrax @Tdorey @katebowles @sundilu i don't suppose there is a mobile app or DM version in the works yet, but open source so anyone could develop. I wonder if it is possible on the hosted version to pull in fave functions for self

@mahabali @xLontrax @Tdorey @katebowles @sundilu interesting discussion; I'm just interjecting a fact: there's a single developer working on a mastodon app for iOS and Android, can't remember his name though. And I'm personally working on an alternate webapp, with some other design choices than this web interface @Gargron have built :)
DM is a bit hard because the underlying federation protocol doesn't support it, so it would either be local only or a new standard is required.

@zatnosk @mahabali @xLontrax @Tdorey @katebowles @sundilu @Gargron single developer here ;-) funny you should mention working on an alternate webapp -- now that I'm looking more closely at how the differrent 'toots' are connected, the idea to leave the standard Tweetdeck columns gets more and more logical.

I read the discussions I'm mentioned in, by clicking on the notification. Would like to take this a step further in the interface, as almost every conversation I find is a good read.

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