The next big hurdles for mastodon are:
1. Account migration taking followers to the new instance
2. Harassment mitigation - some block list / heuristic filter subscription model?
3. Impersonation prevention

This is the order in which I guess these things become important. If 1 is not solved growth is hindered, and it will not take off. If 2. is not solved people will finally stay on twitter, because where is the point? This becomes relevant once the assholes start to migrate. 3. may be the last problem to kill this network, because atm there is no visible difference better @zauberlaus and and this gets relevant once there are valuable targets for impersonation here

@zauberlaus seems like the solution to 2 is a noticable graphical mark next to someone from a different server?

@starhaze you mean 3? For 2. I would guess the best would be to allow for individual (also 3rd party) filters that then can block on any heuristic (new account, known harasser, keywords) - this should be under user control, but outsourceable, so either they build the filter themselves or they rely on a 3rd party filter service

@zauberlaus doh good catch yes i meant 3. and yeah you're solution for 2 i think is the right idea,sort of like the shared block lists that Twitter let people do?

@zauberlaus There is already an export/import function for blocked users, I'm sure the blacklists will follow soon!

I'm guessing there's not much use for it yet, it's hardly a priority...

@anarschtroumpf Blacklisting is not sufficient as we see on twitter. Harassers create a lot of new accounts to circumvent this. What is needed is an interface for a filter function that can take everything into account. Username, user creation Date, timezone, number of toots, followers, followings, toot content, time ...

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