@danhampl zatím super aplikace,snad to nedopadne jak jabber 🤔

How do I back up the account I've created on my phone? What if my phone is destroyed? Is the long random id enough?

@fuxoft @zdenekkreml i have Ring on two iOS devices. And I can connect additional devices from each of them. I think it might be a username or a ringID, but I did not try it.

@AmarOk @zdenekkreml @danhampl
According to that FAQ, to back-up my Ring identity from my Android phone, I need either A) another device with Ring permanently installed, or B) a rooted phone. That seems mildly bizarre and I don't feel comfortable doing either.

@fuxoft Yup I agree. The "Export account archive" button is only in the gnome client for now. @zdenekkreml @danhampl

@fuxoft Anyway the wanted solution on all clients should be the "export account" like the gnome one. @zdenekkreml @danhampl

@zdenekkreml @danhampl Jak dopadl Jabber? Tohle je narozdíl od XMPP appka implementující nestandardní protokol.

Jabber je super,jsem to myslel,že už ho používá málo lidí.Většinou lidem stačí bohužel Messenger nebo WhatsApp.


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