Looks like Google isn't building their campus in Kreuzberg anymore: betterplace.org/c/neues/haus



Request to change the spelling of „browser“ to „brwoser“ it would make my life so much easier

Trying out the Toodon app. Seems nice but scrolling feels a bit janky?

@heydon „First speaker to incite a riot at a JS conf“ would look pretty cool on your resume I have to admit 😎

@heydon your speech is gonna be titled „just don‘t do it“ isn‘t it 😂

@GestpenstR thanks! Probably should have mentioned i‘m on iOS though 😅

Which mastodon app do you fellow tooters (cringe) like? I‘m still on amaroq but maybe there are better ones out there? 🤔

👀 Truly stunning speech by Michaela Coel, no matter what industry you‘re in (or if in any, for that matter) youtu.be/odusP8gmqsg

Having watched my 3rd league (league one lvl in england) team earlier today and now watching Liverpool play is a bit like watching a different sport 😬

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