Is there a way to block voice but not text on #android?

I wish I could leave a message saying "This phone does not accept voice calls. Please text or email me at email@address.tld."


@irina I don't see why you can't. Customise your voicemail message to say that, then set your phone to "Do not disturb" - the "priority only" option looks like it lets you customise it to receive texts but not voice.

Occasionally someone will probably leave a voicemail message instead of text/email because of their own preferences/requirements, but you'll get the text notification of that and can deal with it in your own time.

@zeborah @selcaby That proves that I don't use my phone enough -- never thought of the voicemail message. That might be the best solution, except that it will make me have to LISTEN TO MY RECORDED VOICE BRRR. Thanks!

@irina @selcaby That might depend on your phone company? I had to set up my voicemail today (even though I swear I've set it up before) and it gave me the option to listen to the message but didn't make me. Pretty sure my message doesn't get included when others leave me a message either.

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