#StarLink #GameReview 

Played #StarLink this weekend on my #NintendoSwitch. Following is a short #GameReview

* Art - Visually it works quite neatly. The TF2/Fortnite style is starting to feel overdone to me, but it blended nicely with #StarFox/#Nintendo's aesthetic.
* Puzzles - Once you've solved a type of puzzle once, the variations on it are trivial.
* Music & Sound - Pleasant, captures the mood of the moment.
* Story - Very bland, "good vs evil" story that unfolds predictably (so far)

Housemate: (comes into living room and examines bookshelf)


*Comes back*

"You don't have a clipboard, do you?"

*Me hands them a large book with a hard cover*


Are we doing house-library right?

#jobs #hiring #apprenticeship 

There are 3 remaining positions for the apprenticeship program I'm helping put together for Industrial Logic.

This position is open to anyone who is interested in getting paid to level up their engineering skills through training by the org that trains Google.

Perfect for first or second (or even third!) gig engineers! Relocation package provided for those outside of the greater Detroit, MI area: docs.google.com/document/d/1IZ

If you're living in #Detroit (or near Detroit) and are looking for your first full time programmer gig, One of my clients is planning to launch their apprenticeship program at the end of the month and we're looking for candidates. Boosts appreciated! (Job description coming soon)

Can anyone #HelpMeFind a drip or email marketing API that chooses which emails to send based upon which events have occurred for a given actor?

I.e. "Person hasn't logged in in a while, so send this email" or "person visited the upgrade page but didn't follow through in a week, so send this email"

#weed #pain 

I started taking edibles every once in a while and I gotta say it helps so much with my chronic pain.

Problem is I do not think nearly as clearly. Recommendations for how to start researching a balance that is good for sleep / pain but doesn't get you "high?"

Anyone got leads on contract SWE work? B/G: jacky.wtf/work/resume/.

Leans towards backend API work, works well with frontend work. Also can look at infra.

Hit me up!

Can someone #helpMeFind a Chrome extension that:

1. Let's me define *exactly* which tabs I want in a particular window, and prevents new tabs from being opened in that window? (Instead, it can open the tab in another browser)
2. When I go to one of those domains in another tab (by entering it manually) it brings the "dashboard" window to the front and opens the appropriate tab there?

I'm tired of 8 different google calendar/gmail tabs being open 😾!

No, *you're* reading about how to invoke AWS Lambda functions via the browser so you can play around with accepting stripe payments in a fully serverless manner.

#baking complete! 50% whole wheat with whey instead of water,78% hydration!

Two solid pairing sessions today and a nice chunk of soloing. Gonna call it door the day!

Are any of y'all using an eGPU with Mac OS X High Sierra?

Just picked up N K Jemison's #DreamBlood duology! Thought I'd read everything by her but aparently not!

Looking forward to reading it tonight and tomorrow!

So I tried to use this tool that compares my twitter friends to their mastodon ID, but whenever I try to run it it just auto-plays this video: youtube.com/watch?v=lKie-vgUGd

(JK, it's here and it works! It's just a graveyard! bridge.joinmastodon.org/)

Today was my second time attempting homemade #cheeseMaking. While this turned out a bit more like paneer than the mozzarella I was shooting for, it browned up nicely on my homemade #pizza dough:

Managed to get a hella crispy crust by dousing the parchment paper and dough with oil from when I deep fried some leftover curds.

Topped with the just-finished-its-rest moz and added a tiny bit of parmesan on top and this was the result!



Welp, turns out Russia spent something like $80K to pay Americans to spread racial animosity, $1MM to pay about a hundred people to provide disruption to the Clinton campaign via online means, and another $200K in advertising on social media:


Here's how the 3 person, full time #workerCoop I'm in balanced stability, magnitude and equality of #compensation.


1. Set 3 months as our target runway.

2. Made income levels from "barely surviving" to "I can't imagine earning more."

3. Wrote what we would each need/want at each level.

4. Normalized everyone on the maximum per-level answer and multiplied by members.

6. Monthly we distribute at the level that gives us 3 months of runway with a 30% budgeted overhead.

How do you do it?

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