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Why can I not copy a link directly to a toot via the UI?

Also it led into a reasonable course of action of starting a campaign in #Stellaris

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I’m not blaming @ann_leckie for not getting anything done yesterday because I read through #Provenance Sunday night til 4AM

I’m just saying that there are reasons I didn’t make much progress on the work @betsythemuffin expected of me.

Hey tootsphere, Recommend me a that works well in both physical and digital spaces?

I.e. covers the weird corner case of digital spaces without abandoning the hard parts of an in-person code of conduct?

Time to write this article about using #webpack, #node, and #snapsvg to render #svg's isomorphically.

I'm somewhat torn on hashtags on .

Un-hash-tagged content is not searchable. This is a good thing as it means that people can't get swarmed by asshats just for mentioning a thing.

On the other hand, I feel like a doofus adding throught my like a

I also don't see a lot of people using hashtags, which makes me think that the social norm is to just not?

The best/worst part of consulting is the roller coaster of "OH YEAH WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU" followed by the silence.

Until like, three people who have been radio silent decide to sign a contract on the same day.

Please, I need some advice. What non-intrusive-corporation alternatives to Google Docs I could use if I want to share documents and compose them collaboratively online?

Jeremy Corbyn suggests 'gig economy' should be replaced by cooperatives

"Corbyn suggested "gig economy" firms like ride-hailing service Uber or food delivery firm Deliveroo could be replaced by co-operatives, in which drivers collectively set pay and conditions and share or reinvest the profits from their work.

He vowed that a Labour Government would promote cooperative groups with the aim of doubling the size of the sector."

Labours subreddits most upvoted post today

Important test for : does it support ?

Nope :/. Can’t paste images directly! Bummer.

I'm trying to figure out how to ,

Basically I have X accounts, where I join certain instances because their local seems ✨ ✨ ✨.

I intend to follow people on my main account, and use the sub-accounts to browse locals and post.

The instances are: for nerd/tech stuff. for running a coop for gaming + art + stuff for reading + crafts + music

With some amount of cross-posting between them (for instance most have a tech overlap)

It's Sunday night and I'm trying to represent life, the universe, and everything as a #graphdb in #neo4j

Send Halp.

alcohol and sugar 

I made banana fosters with zaya today. Don’t think it is high enough proof to actually catch fire but damn was it delicious!

Been poking at clients. While I like for being , I’m leaning more towards or .

Both seem to have decent performance and features, especially the ability to swap between instances easily.

What are y’all using?

I, for one, welcome yet another photo distribution mechanism!


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