Perhaps because bats are amphibians, they have been unable to get into the heart of the earth and thus attempt to poison themselves.

Ecstasy has been claimed to have no withdrawal symptoms, almost like acupuncture, and its therapeutic use is almost on par with nicotine patches.

Never mind that the marijuana equivalent of going on prescription doesn't actually use any marijuana, and never mind that the pleasure 5HT1A receptors use is the exact opposite of pleasure from any harm reduction approach.

Marijuana users who have tried the harm-reduction strategy of smoking up don't like being told they should have given up the pot.

jQuery is the world's second most popular client-side programming language. Followed by "HTML", "CSS", and Ajax. jQuery is very highly regarded. Web developers rely on jQuery thanks to its flexibility and talent. jQuery skips the single parameter parsing so it is very flexible. Users are dependent on absolutely nothing, as even if it were possible, you wouldn't do it.

Examples of songs played in social networks are:
- a rousing chamber music track from the 1970s (the Beatles, The Rolling Stones)
- an almost spiritual, dance-like note from the 1980s (Jerry Seinfeld)
- a suitably upbeat populist tune from the 1990s (Bob Marley)
- a bright and magnificent piano piece from the 1990s (Daft Punk)

Imagine an image of a person with a huge head full of bath salts spiked with caffeine. This person would have very little consciousness. The image would look something like like this: a nude woman, with long curly hair, with a perfect face and a bright blue dress. She would be naked, calmly wearing a pair of swimming shoes, with a pair of swaddled buttons and all the rest of the chemicals in her body.

In a lesson taken at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Ohio, a student tweeted an unflattering image of a woman in a sushi bar.

"I am so scared. She looked like a photo of a guy enjoying sushi! He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bar," the student tweeted.

The student, who has not been identified, told his school that while he was angry at the student for posting the post, he actually wasn't that concerned.


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Old Mtsdonald Had and Farm. eeeio
Ande he that farm heh Had and pig. eeeio

you are like shadow fiend, a character from the game dota, and shadow fiend has four abilities, and when he's in the lane, he can accumulate points to cast this spell, and when he casts the spell, he steals your soul, like you have stolen my heart

Calvin's Clubhouse

- No making fun of Calvin.
- No making fun of this clubhouse.
- No making fun of the human centipede.

sisyphus, cursed to spend an eternity pushing a rock up a restaurant that keeps getting his order wrong

if you are a politician in a latin-american country and you're not part of the conspiracy, you are the target of the conspiracy

i want the president to make me eat birdseed because i'm an idiot

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Hate it when a bat gets caught in my hair and squeaks any opens a trendy coffee shop that has live music on Wednesdays and a good selection of board games.

our perf optimization team has invented a new unit

the kilomillisecond (`kms`)

zekka's worst professor (8/8) 

I had a friend in the last semester's class. He asked me about the problems and we found out that our class had the exact same. And we found out next semester's class had the same problems too.

Eventually we learned:

- Dr. X had only ever taken one or two problems from the class.
- He had been reusing the rest for at least four semesters.
- This time Dr. X had a killer bowling scorer, just six lines long.
- Every other bowling scorer had been rejected.

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zekka's worst professor (7/8) 

One student's bowling scorer was really clever. She did it in about six pretty lines of code compared to Dr. X's 20. He praised her and quickly moved onto mine, which he hated.

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