One of my friends just made this using an auto-meme generator, and I'm tempted to use it as my new icon

The book I'm reading at the moment (Europe in Winter by Dave Hutchinson) does something I've not seen before - it repeats a scene from two books previously, nearly word for word, until it suddenly veers off in a different direction and you realise why it's happening.

It really effectively gives you a sense of deja vu, and things being out of kilter - always happy when I discover a new and unfamiliar writing device, even if it did make me wonder if I was losing the plot for a moment.

The band I'm listening to (My Little Airport) have some v good album titles:

the ok thing to do on sunday afternoon is to toddle in the zoo

becoz i was too nervous at that time

we can't stop smoking in the vicious and blue summer

Hong Kong is One Big Shopping Mall

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Having a stressful week but appear to have just discovered an entire genre of Hong Kong indie pop, which is helping

Read my favourite take on roleplaying recently, which is that it's a process where you create a flawed version of yourself, and then by overcoming multiple challenges you learn to love them

Today at the ponds, I got to watch two robins having a face-off. It was completely silent but I bet internally they were snarling at each other.

Feels a bit like those pigeons that get rewarded at random times, and end up developing random ticks and habits that just happened to be coincidentally associated with the reward once.

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e.g. I've got into a nice pattern of doing pre-writing into the evening, then coming back in and starting a free write the next morning once I've had a chance to digest it.

I mean, it sounds plausible, but mainly I think it's just that it worked once, and that gives me permission to just dive in straight away without putting it off.

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Increasingly convinced that half the trick of writing consistently isn't so much about learning techniques that work for you, but convincing yourself that tricks that worked once will work again.

Gonna go see The Lighthouse later and I am stooooked

Excellent line from Jelly by Charmpit:

"no such thing as a neoliberal baby. every baby is a natural born punk’"

Yesss have found another boy/girl noise pop act to fit the hole in my musical life at the moment:

adults. They sound a bit like Johnny Foreigner and a bit like Help She Can't Swim, and entirely great

Minor Word gripe #274: if you insert a numbered heading into a new document, it resets the numbering at 1, and there appears to be no way around this.

Given I'm flinging around chapters with dozens of numbered headings out for comment, and it's good to be able to say in an email which ones need attention, this is less than ideal.

Discovered when I was going to add the following entry to the random encounter table for a medieval roleplaying game I'm writing: CLERKS

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Love it when you're trying to resolve an issue with a story you're writing, and then discover in some old notes that you actually solved it months ago

Bojack finale spoilers 

Overall: a good ending, and I'll miss it. Curious to see what everyone involved gets up to next (p.s. bring back Tuca & Bertie)

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Bojack finale spoilers 

Anyway, I thought I'd be more affected by the fallout of what happened, until it came to the the episodes where the shoe totally dropped. Having seen that situation from the other side in recent years, it was good to see that story through - sometimes your friends can help, but ultimately you're responsible for the consequences of your decisions, and it's up to you to rebuild from there.

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Bojack finale spoilers 

And it's not as though things will be smooth sailing from here - he'll still have to try not to revert back to his old ways, and he'll probably fail again, and have to pull himself up again.

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Bojack finale spoilers 

And while I can see why people felt it was cheap to imply so strongly in the penultimate episode that he'd died, ultimately I think it was the right choice for him to be saved. Having the series end with "sometimes you get found out, and then you die" would have been inappropriately nihilistic - he needs to live with having survived, he doesn't get out that easily.

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