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if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

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La UE lanza sus propias instancias de Mastodon para noticias de las instituciones europeas, y PeerTube para vídeos informativos de la Unión:



I still find this to be the most frustrating part every time I try to come back to .. the fediverse doesn't make it easy to discover people to follow from other instances (even if I know the instance!). Feels like the one you choose ends up being kind of your little island...

Maybe it's time to undust this account, after all.

Update: mi padre se ha hecho Mastodon así que parece que sí

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Acaba de salir Mastodon en las noticias de TVE - quiere eso decir que ya estáis todos aquí?

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@quad that's not the reason people use flac though, it's because of rotational velocidensity.

Rotational velocidensity affects all audio files encoded with lossy compression. These include mp3, aac, and ogg.

The most notable effect of rotational velocidensity is the loss of bitrate in files. A lossy audio file will lose an average of 12kbps a year. But, this can vary greatly depending on the type of storage media used.


SATA HDD: ~12kbps
IDE HDD: ~15kbps
SCSI HDD: ~7kbps
DVD: ~16kbps
CD-R/RW: >21kbps

This can be overcome by compressing audio using lossless formats such as FLAC, APE, or TTA. These formats are designed to never lose quality over time, and will sound the same right now as they will in 10 years.

RT people in tech / SRE / DevOps who talk about treating machines as "cattle, not pets" clearly don't know any actual farmers

real farmers do give a fuck about every cow, and would find it completely unacceptable if a cow randomly failed every couple days


"Esta propiedad cuenta con un satélite privado en la azotea". Chúpate esa, SpaceX!

(al menos el Footer va a los pies de la cama, está tó pensao.)

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