Morning. Apparently it is 1500hrs in the afternoon. Still groggy after having managed to go to bed around 0730hrs. Got to sit and format 80 odd already slides and then work on some more.

Just me best friends chilling in the sun while I finished putting the clothes out to dry.

Just been 3 days. Don't think I am qualified to do a . Mostly because it has only been 3 days since I joined. And the fact that I am confused if I am adding thursday to the count or not.

Today is Friday? What? What happened to Thursday? I should seriously reconsider my current lifestyle. I can't be going about losing 24 hours in a week of doing nothing.

The toots on the federated timeline is probably what is shown to them speed readers as reading practice. I am not past the first line on the screen and the toot goes beyond the page.

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Whomst in this fediverse follows me or knows someone who is an artist that does commission work that might be capable/willing to do a drawing of Mother Jones beating the everloving shit out of kevin drum? I don't know how much this would cost but obviously I don't expect anyone to do this for free.

I've never done this before so if you could boost this or tag people that you know that'd be great. I really want to see this.

Dammit! I thought 3rd September was not for another week. And then a phone call from office tells me that it is this Monday. Sigh!

Right! Time for me to call it a night. Or early morning.

Think somebody let's Japan and South Korea fight over me and declare me as their international ambassador considering how much I have picked up their language and taught me dogs. Wondering who they ll choose as referee. Pretty sure it's not going to be China.

Pretty sure I just broke Tom Hanks record from "A league of their own". I present to you Tom's efforts.

You ll have to take my word on me outdoing and outlasting him.

Right! Now that I have burned off all the nervous excitement gathered from watching "Erased" the anime version. I shall go back and finish the last 2 episodes. It is just so, edge of the seat-I will hold me pee in even though I can feel the hot pee poking through me urethra which is ensconced in me penile muscle-thrilling...

Jeez! There was a reason my book editor refused to work with me on another book. And I can see the reason why when I read me own toots which show up on me screen. I am eating words like a caterpillar chewing green leafy things and who is confused if its going to turn into a silkworm or into a butterfly.

Pretty sure I have forgotten the super secure IBM chess beating supercomputer level alphanumeric password I used to log in here. All I remember about the password is that is few alphabets and few numbers. And now even if I want to join other instances want me to join them, I can't. Makes for the perfect excuse doesn't it? Will get all of them to move onto .social.

Alright! Think I got an explainable understanding of local and federated timeline. As with all things aged 6 years and below, I have another Q. How do I find a server/instance via which i can connect to people local-local to me, like geographically?

BTW, what is the big difference local time line and federated timeline?

I am still struggling on how to pronounce "mastodon". Is the "T" silent? Is it pronounced like Mast-don OR mas-a-don OR mass-don?

@Kamiten Vows are meant to be slipped on and off. Like your favorite pair of knickers.

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@helldude which reminds me, if people aren’t feeling welcome on Mastodon, with my wife’s permission I have built a treehouse in the backyard for everyone to scream rhyming obscenities at each other and draw. There is a limited amount of light beer, and I’m supposed to be back in the house by dinner time on weeknights. Pass it on

Bingeing on "Erased" anime. Even though I have sort of figured out who the killer is, I can't help but continue watching it. It is making me relive childhood memories of watching scary stuff through me fingers slapped against me face.

Allo! Had a chaotic day. Got woken up by a conference call. Then had to talk to people about beer and then buy them beers.

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