It bums me out to see nerds repeat what they perceive to be conventional wisdom like "desktop/laptop computing is dying, mobile is the future". There are so many tasks that normal users do that benefit from a full keyboard and a monitor-sized display with multiple windows. Some of those tasks will *always* be a pain on mobile, unless you connect with a kb/mouse + monitor at which point you're using a hobbled PC anyway. We are the torchbearers for general purpose computing, don't give up people.

@jplebreton we need computing to become MORE open, not less! even if most users never take advantage, it's good for their long-term computing health


@amydentata @jplebreton we need well enough resourced companies to *build* those open computers, and maintain the software security. as much as I agree with you, people are not going to do that shit for free, and the status quo is not good enough.

@amydentata @jplebreton
things are heading into closed proprietary cloud territory because it’s a model that makes money. where it’s distinctly heading is that in the future, software development will take place on an amazon server accessed via a locked down chromebook kinda thing. and that will be truly dire. but from my perspective it looks like fighting the tide unless we all uh, “go galt” stallman style.

@amydentata @jplebreton where steve jobs was coming from with his “truck” remark was, i think, something he explained at a developer talk. when he was at NeXT the OS was set up to boot from network and store everything on a NAS that someone else backs up and maintains. no more backup headaches or lost work! a dream he wanted to recreate for everyone. and iOS/iCloud is basically 80% there.

@amydentata @jplebreton I think it’s a good vision. but there’s nothing about the vision that couldn’t be done with open source/non proprietary technologies. say, instead of owning a physical hard drive, we have a virtual one that can be easily migrated to any standards compliant cloud storage provider, or a home / office NAS. done right (say, with an enforced user bill of rights) it wouldn’t matter if you don’t physically own a general purpose computer. or you can if you want.

@amydentata @jplebreton like i think we can be free to create and have access to general purpose computing without necessarily needing an actual physical machine. “the freedom to create” vision is great but i think it needs to get clearer about what freedom and access really means, in a way that includes some kind of sustainable economic model, and clarity about access for people who can’t afford full desktop computers

@amydentata @jplebreton and of course, attractive enough in some way to actually compete with closed gardens for attention- fully addressing the reasons that walled gardens are attractive and facing full on the stark reality that photographers and video editors will not spend their weekends monkeying with linux drivers

@amydentata @jplebreton but oh wouldn’t it be cool if there was a nice open secure system like that which would enable smart phone users to do more general purpose computer type things? like, keep the old guard creatives but bring new people in too, even if all they’ve got is a $20 android

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