I wonder how many mass killings there have been in the US this year which didn't involve guns.

@Jason_Dodd what? that’s like having a sportsball without the bat! it just isn’t done.

@zensaiyuki you must be wrong because every time someone says it's the guns someone replies you can do the same without guns.

so I'm looking for mass murders with knives, bats, and poison. must be there.


@Jason_Dodd there was someone with a knife in sydney yesterday who tried. he was stopped by a good guy with a milk crate and a wicker chair.

@Jason_Dodd like , i think there’s plenty of attempts at mass killings without guns. they just don’t get very far.

@Jason_Dodd though other attempts in australia that have gotten traction (no pun intended) involved cars. cars work.

@zensaiyuki That's my point. That's what the fake news tells me. So they must be hiding all of the mass knife murders that happen.

Otherwise, the argument that it's not the guns, doesn't hold water.

@Jason_Dodd right, almost enough to make one fatigued of even briefly entertaining these bad faith arguments.

@zensaiyuki haven't turned on the news today. how many were in today's mass shooting?

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