concept: get on my lawn software.
a software design philosophy that believes good software ages like a fine wine. it shuns trends and salesmen disguised as programmers, shuns the fancy new framework. instead, gomls curates quality old software like a carefully tended forest. software that has stood the test of time, and, though it seems antiquated, it’s as robust as cast iron anvil.

software for the mature discerning adult

1. SQLIte came out in august of 2000, which makes it 19 years old. it has the distinguished honour of being the only program in existence that uses filesystem APIs correctly.

2. RSYNC came out in June 1996, it is 23 years old. it is the only program that I trust for copying large files and large amounts of files between any two points. it natively supports ssh and, in some configurations, uses an extremely clever rolling checksum algorithm that makes me seriously question the sanity of games consoles and operating systems vendors who do not use RSYNC for system and software updates.


rsync does have this one extremely irritating quirk though: different behavior on the presence of, or ansence of trailing slash on paths, that is basically impossible to memorise.

@zensaiyuki / for contents of the fit, no / for the dir itself 🙃
@zensaiyuki fit --> dir

Can we please get a dictionary of tech words for mobile devices so I can stop being thwarted by autocorrect? 😭

@feld @zensaiyuki Exactly, it's rsync which is right, all the other software which is wrong.

AFAIKS, the only oddity is if you have multiple sources and a destination with no trailing slash it assumes the destination is a directory anyway.

E.g., current directory has two files, a and b.

rsync a c

Copies file a to file c.

rsync a b d

Copies files a and b to directory d. For consistency, perhaps the second case should be an error and you should have to write:

rsync a b d/

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