in the alternate socialist present, i am herding goats with a cane and melody while replacing batteries in the mesh routers the ‘ware guild has hung from trees. later i dine at the village commissary and watch a movie projected on the side of a barn.

a courier arrives from the next village on horseback with books, zines, letters, art prints, and a hard drive full of music and movies. we offload the drive while the courier joins us for lunch, sharing news — harvests, births, deaths, the goings-on of various governance councils — while we load a drive with our own new media. the courier leaves as full as they came, and well-fed besides.

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@garbados how does manufacturing of mesh routers, projectors and hard drives work? these things require very expensive equipment and therefore large enough scale to make it worthwhile. so, a government initiative?


1) i am just a goatherd. you’ll have to ask the guild.

2) are you asking “how could people possibly collaborate on that scale without a market or state to coerce them?”

@garbados 2) yes. but earnestly, and not to troll. but if you think i am trolling feel free to pass on answering.


@garbados and if there’s historical (or contemporary) examples i can search on, all the better.

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