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so, apparently it was on channel 4 in fhe 1980s but as of 2001 , only in northern ireland

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I've seen it on ITV when I was a young lad in the late 1970s, even before Channel 4 existed. individual regions of ITV had much more autonomy and could then decide whether or not to show it.

AFAIK the main objections were simply that UK kids would be confused by "zee" in the alphabet and other elements of American English (the programme was otherwise good).

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Consider also that ITV UK was producing the Muppet Show by 1976 (as the USA broadcasters didn't want to fund it) - so many of the same Muppets were already familiar to Brits.

This ties in with it being around 1977/1978 that I remember Sesame Street being on telly. By then UK kids already watched imported USA telly anyway, so knew about language and cultural differences (and parents and teachers actively discouraged us from "speaking American")

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