"the Hybrid is the Valeyard"

what?? it's literally the friends they made along the way!!


convinced a large chunk of online disdain for the Moffat era comes out of the same inability to deal with ambiguity that modern fan wiki culture has

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To be clear: NOT saying "if you dislike Doctor Who (2010-2017) it's because you can't deal with ambiguity," just that that inability is absolutely a problem online fandom has and that I think it's one of the foundations for that weird anti-Moffat attitude.

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@Alexis can’t I dislike moffat era for the awful way he wrote female and gay characters?


@Alexis “hi ho, i am a dinosaur and also gay. did I mention I am gay? isn’t that weeeird?!”

@zensaiyuki look, it beats the Chibnall era, where the only gay folks all die or have off-screen dead significant others

@zensaiyuki I do not believe Chibnall to be writing Dr Who as a queer person at all.

@Alexis yoo’re right, but who knows what the future holds.

@zensaiyuki Friend, you're a lot more optimistic about Chibnall's ability to engage with queerness than I am.

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