Why thank you for noticing, website. I try to do my part to make the Web a safer place for us all.

let me think about your offer to "open your front windows while we back a garbage truck up to them"

hmm. Very tempting, but

@natecull when I see of anything like that, I am much more likely to blatantly steal whatever content is there (which is rarely of good quality anyway) and re-use it without attribution (or simply mock it)

TBH if half the ad funded sites run out of money and go away I don't even think it will be that great a loss, a whole bulk of them are relaying press releases of other marketing companies anyway...

@vfrmedia @natecull i keep wanting to work on a proxy based on mozilla fathom. filter out everything except plain html. keep local caches.

@vfrmedia @natecull or maybe a spider that just forcibly creates complete rss feeds of everything

@vfrmedia @natecull lots of the stuff i am interested in isn’t plain content- but it would be nice if the stuff that is didn’t try to dump garbage into my windows.

@vfrmedia @natecull and look, the economics are clear: the world of “rivers of gold” and newspaper subscriptions was far from perfect. but we sorra accidentally created a fake news dystopia where there’s no money in the truth.

@zensaiyuki @vfrmedia

Spoiler: There never was any money in the truth.

But we had a better class of lies in the Mad Men era.

or what pretended it was a better class.

@zensaiyuki @vfrmedia

also thanks for letting me know about Mozilla Fathom! I hadn't heard of that at all until just now!

A Prolog-like language, eh? hmmmmmm



@natecull @vfrmedia it’s a library so it’s not exactly easy to use on its own, just as a mostly invisible peice of firefox. it’s an engine for building and tuning “reader modes” but not a ready to use reader mode if that makes sense.

@natecull @vfrmedia i’ve had discussions on here with various people about how intractible it now is to build a new browser from scratch due to how huge the html spec is, and its inclusion of patented video tech. i think there’s an unfulfilled niche for browsers that are limited in scope though. e.g a browser that is just a reader mode. a browser that is just good at high performance games and interactive art. etc.

@natecull @vfrmedia that sets the expectations: not a complete browser.!not gonna do every css trick.

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