New take: the attitude where people like to gripe about how "everything in tech is broken", "nothing works properly", "everything is full of bugs" forms a culture of perfectionism and shaming that in itself encourages bad software engineering practices

@fraggle the whole "fuck computers" gets me too. we came into here because we liked it, and giving up because of VC corruption or whatever else without a fight makes me a bit sad

(tl;dr don't fight a butlerian jihad because you hate techbros)

@libc @fraggle honestly I am just frustrated at the squandered potential, and overly fetishising things like unix and vim is preventing us from building better things.

@zensaiyuki @fraggle that's why i've gotten so into alternative systems... including developing for them

@libc @fraggle that’s cool. my obsession is “The Humane Interface.”, I believe in hypercriticality, but you’re right that if the criticism is just “everythint is shit” and doesn’t include any specifics, and no vision for what these things are good for, then it’s fairly unproductive.

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