“Can I trust app X?”

Can you trust the company/organisation/people who make it? (What have they done in the past/are doing now?)

Can you trust their business model? (How/when do they make money?)

Is it open source?

Is it decentralised?

If yes to all, yes. Otherwise no.

@aral don’t forget: can you trust all potential future owners of the company, its databases and its business partners.

This is basically to say "just give up", it's impossible to answer yes to this question. Already @aral had put the bar so up that mastodon is basically the only app I know that I can trust, and only in some instances .-.


@honiden @aral grim, disappointing, and basically impossible to accept, i will admit. but it is hard for me to see the internet and the commercially motivated mass surveilance it brought as anything other than a curse, a mistake. a pandora’s box that shouldn’t have been opened, even if it wasn’t just monsters that came out, it’s becoming harder and harder to see the costs as worth it.

perfect description at the beginning ^_^" Now that I know your position on the internet I get why you said that

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