ugh that sounds nasty. I glanced once at the site generator landscape and ran away screaming. I was hoping maybe something usable had emerged but... at least this one doesn't seem to be it.

@natecull @teleclimber silly question, but do you have preferences for config/markup/template/query/data/metadata formats?

@natecull @teleclimber plenty of opportunity to fuck up outside of choices for those, but i am curious , some people get pretty fussy about it.

@zensaiyuki @teleclimber

I don't actually much like any current markup/query/config formats, which is why I've been trying to brew my own (slightly extended Lisp S-expressions).

My problem with most markup formats is that they start out thinking 'oh it's okay, don't sweat the syntax, nobody will ever need to do $BIG_THING in it' and always, always, sometimes within six months, they have to do $BIG_THING in it.

Every markup format becomes a Turing-complete programming language. Law of nature.

@natecull @teleclimber it does seem almost easier to just roll your own. a couple lines of bash and a makefile. a dash of perl. make your own and you can have your own opportunities to fuck up the design when you need to do $Big_Thing, in a codebase you understand cos you wrote it.

though i do admire the simplicity of a makefile and judicious application of hxincl


@natecull @teleclimber i wrote a static site generator the other day using nothing more than Make, a json file, mustache.php and jq. i can’t really name it because it’s just a simple composition of existing tools.

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