ugh that sounds nasty. I glanced once at the site generator landscape and ran away screaming. I was hoping maybe something usable had emerged but... at least this one doesn't seem to be it.

@natecull @teleclimber silly question, but do you have preferences for config/markup/template/query/data/metadata formats?

@natecull @teleclimber plenty of opportunity to fuck up outside of choices for those, but i am curious , some people get pretty fussy about it.

@zensaiyuki @teleclimber

I don't actually much like any current markup/query/config formats, which is why I've been trying to brew my own (slightly extended Lisp S-expressions).

My problem with most markup formats is that they start out thinking 'oh it's okay, don't sweat the syntax, nobody will ever need to do $BIG_THING in it' and always, always, sometimes within six months, they have to do $BIG_THING in it.

Every markup format becomes a Turing-complete programming language. Law of nature.

But is turing completeness a real problem here? What if your static site generator does not terminate? It's not like it affects the actual "runtime" (people visiting the result), and you can do a lot of stuff more cleanly with a proper programming language.
Of course, a compiler not terminating is bad, but here we're talking more about libraries to build your own custom compiler, which does not need to be held to the same high standards.
@zensaiyuki @teleclimber
@fgaz I don't read it so much as the Turing completeness being the problem, it's the *accidental* Turing completeness.

Somewhere along the course of starting with a simple configuration or templating language and ending up with a general purpose programming language, and a horrible general purpose language, one should probably stop and say "you know what, at this point if you want to go further you'd be better off rendering your site using Scheme, Javascript, Ruby or even Nix".

@teleclimber @zensaiyuki @natecull

@clacke @natecull @teleclimber @fgaz godel’s incompleteness theorum vs turing’s completeness theorum

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