All this conversation about setting up little experimental mobile code javascript applets that you can share around with @natecull reminded me that slingcode exists and is pretty neat

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I'm looking at the Slingcode web page and scratching my head - what *is* it, what does it do, where is the documentation?

No, I'm not going to watch a video. I don't do videos.

Where are the words that tell me what it is?

@natecull it’s an in browser javascript/html IDE- think codepen - combined with tiddly wiki-like ability to save everything locally to a single html file- and with a webtorrent powered code sharing functions, so you can go literally serverless peer to peer sharing of code gadgets.

@zensaiyuki Thanks for the capsule description, but that's not the documentation.

Where is the actual documentation?

Why do people keep not putting any documentation on their project websites?

@zensaiyuki I mean even the github doesn't have any actual documentation!!!

Where are the words?

Did we all just stop.... writing?

@natecull yep. i mean, i’ll admit it is a but cryptic at first, but once it clicks there isn’t a terrible lot to it- it’s the minimal amount of glue code needed to edit inside the browser and do a peer to peer share of a serverless codepen app thing.

yes it could do with better documentation.

@natecull i brought it up because it’s similar in concept somewhat to what we were talking about the other day- re a computing environment that would make it easy for you to make a lil app for translating chinese characters and having certain capabilities for that app to be sent, fully working, to different contexts.

slingcode is not exactly that vision but it is a version of it- with a feature i hadn’t thought of: p2p torrent sharing.

@zensaiyuki It is a good idea and a useful tool, as far as it goes, and I applaud the programmer for making it. Like p5.js, which also turns 'just HTML + Javascript' into a playpen for a nice friendly small language.

I'm just really tired of the current popular trend in 'here is my project' websites which consist of a bunch of images and slogans and a video but don't tell me anything about the project.

Surely it's harder to record a video than it is to write an essay? Why is this happening?

@zensaiyuki And you might think of P2P torrent sharing as 'a nice feature' but to me I immediately go 'oh no crap giant security hole, not gonna run that until I know exactly what the heck it's exposing to who and what its dependencies are'.

@natecull valid concerns, though it looks like it doesn’t expose anything unless an attacker can guess your sharing key in whatever short amount of time your sharing mode is active. it’s like “airdrop” in this way. the sharing is ineffective unless the sharer and receiver are in direct communication via some other channel

@zensaiyuki I guess the author's Twitter is where I have to go to find out what the project actually is and does!

I tried browsing the source and it's not Javascript, it's ClojureScript, so I guess I have to learn that to find out what all its dependencies are, what it actually does.

This is wild. Hopefully he adds some documentation?

@natecull it does seem extremely new and more of a personal project than a “product”. not surprised it isn’t well documented in that case, i couldn’t criticise it for that without being a hypocrite. but it is a bit rich to expect someone else to use this without explaining how it works, I’ll give you that.

@zensaiyuki So it only seems to have been released a month ago, no documentation, but I guess it must have been advertised somehow? How did you find out about it?

@zensaiyuki I guess this whole gauntlet of 'ugh how do I publish my own 0.1 project to the world, what is the standard etiquette these days' is stressing me too. It all seems such a complicated world.

@natecull it was on the HN front page recently. often things end up there that aren’t fully finished- either because the creator is after feedback (such as “add real documentation pls!”) or someone has stumbled upon an interesting looking git repo that hasn’t been advertised anywhere and it is simply listed publically.

@zensaiyuki I guess these are the servers it contacts. I need to think about whether I'm comfortable with these.

Never really got into torrenting, and I don't know what Bugout is.

(def default-signaling-servers ["wss://"

@zensaiyuki I guess it's this, from the same coder;

It's probably perfectly safe, it's just I'm picking up the whiff of both the Cryptocurrency and Prepper communities, so it makes me a little.... cautious before I click.


This essay, for instance, is what I would consider a major part of the 'missing documentation' for Slingcode, since it's the framework that it runs on and an explanation for what the project is about.

@natecull because the design goal of bit torrent is to not actually store the content as much aa possible, a signalling server does little more than make it possible to find the ip address of the other peer.

@natecull and in a somewhat roundabout way at that- the signalling server doesn’t even store the ip address itself, it just implements the entry point for dht algorithm, which- yes, is similar to how bitcoin/blockchain works

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