I collect a ton of 6502 asm notes/guides/tools/sources over at if you're interested in learning assembly:


@neauoire Could there be a “multi core” 6502 array? Could a chip decide which of several 6502 will get a thread to munch on? Like, if everything in the data bus is addressed as normally, but then gets multiplexed across a 6502 array? Sort of like SuperCPU, I think.

@Shufei @neauoire the W65C134S variant includes built in serial networking that could be used for that.

@Shufei @neauoire the w65C265S seems especially designed for parallel processing applications

@Shufei @neauoire actually looking at the 134 closer, it seems *really* designed for parallel processing.


@Shufei @neauoire it includes for instance, pins dedicated to “chip select”, not sure what that means yet.

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