@sir One would assume that a person competent enough to patch the kernel, will be able to configure their client for plain-text email, right?

@x @sir @neauoire board member of american medical association and definitely not owner of pharmaceutical conpany says FDA approval is a barrier to entry for medical contributions

@x @sir @neauoire learning to write with a pen on paper barrier to entry for writing prescriptions


@x @sir @neauoire learning maths barrier to entry for bridge engineering

@zensaiyuki @x @sir @neauoire

I remember when I first learned to program. I had to set up mutt and maildir before I was able to understand how to write for loops.

@cancel @zensaiyuki @x @neauoire aww that must have been SO HARD for you, is the writtle babby engineer gonna be okayz

@sir @cancel @zensaiyuki @x

rather than saying, "use one of 50 possibly maintained email clients that somebody has used successfully. plus also probably some other fun stuff that you may not have experience with, but you can figure that out." and feeling smug about having jumped through those (technically unnecessary) hoops yourself, you *could* say, "download this program that speaks both git and email and you're good to go."

somehow nobody thought of that since the 90s

@sir @cancel @zensaiyuki @x

and maybe they have, but it seems like the UX of the email workflow could be improved?

@sir @xj9 @cancel @zensaiyuki @x That even this purpose-built tool needs a five page tutorial kinda illustrates the problem.

@xj9 @cancel @zensaiyuki @x that program is part of upstream git and has been available for at least 15 years

@cancel @x @sir @neauoire it’s the linux kernel, the enigine of bilkions of servers, not hello world. if the email setup isn’t a deterrent, linus calling you a moron will be. (though i hear he’s promised not to do that anymore)

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