hey everyone! please welcome @voxel to mastodon. He’s a chill dude who writes DOS games sometimes. he wants to ween himself off birdsite so give him a hand.

@zensaiyuki @voxel yo! Welcome to the fedi! I remember your avatar from twitter :) Do you want to move to a less generic instance? We'd love to have you, otherwise I think you'd be a good fit for sdf or tilde, I can introduce you.

@neauoire @zensaiyuki huh, does it make any difference which instance im on? is it a discoverability thing?

@voxel @neauoire you get an instance timeline which contains just the people on that instance, and each one has a vibe. merveilles is full of lowfi computer creatives like you.

@zensaiyuki @voxel zen, you know, if you wanna join merveilles, we'd love to have you too. Didn't I ask you already and you declined my invitation?

@neauoire @voxel i didn’t think you did. it sounds stupid but i am so used to rejection that you have to be pretty direct for me to register an actual invite.

@voxel @neauoire @zensaiyuki Yo @voxel You can migrate your followers to the new instance as well. It's an option in your settings.

@zensaiyuki i think that's the nicest way i've ever been descibed

@voxel well it’s true!
in addition, it’s also a matter of moderation load. on large centralised platforms, when the nazis (or whoever) take over the moderation teams, or moderation quality just dips, too bad. in the fediverse, by picking an instance, you’re really picking a moderation team.

@voxel it is my belief that, whatever happens on the very large centralised platform, the scale of them is so absurdly mindbogglingly large that it is not physically possible to make them good, fun, safe spaces for everyone, and many here agree. so moderation is intentionally scaled down by building up smaller communities

@neauoire @zensaiyuki alright, I have some idea about the what and why of instances now, I'd love an invite

@voxel @neauoire @zensaiyuki welcome! It provides your local timeline, so the answer is kind of!

@zensaiyuki @voxel *Waves* Welcome on board! Masto can be a lot more chill and friendly than birdshite. Hope you find it a good place for you!

@grumpysmiffy @zensaiyuki thanks smiffi! I did try briefly once before but didn't understand how to find anyone to follow

@voxel @zensaiyuki I signed up on when it first came out, but couldn't figure it myself. Was a good year before a friend from birdshite (and in person) made me aware of the instance, and that's where I've been ever since.

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